Vibrating Screens

YZS series vibrating screen is a new type screening machine, it is specially designed for separating stone in quarry. It also can be used as the separator in coal ore dressing, mineral dressing, building materials, electric power, chemical and other fields. It has the advantages of advanced structure, strong vibrating force, low noise, easy maintenance, durable and so on.

For screen grading, materials are separated mechanically on screen plates that have rolling bearings that can withstand the stress of high loads. The output of the screen depends on the inclination of the screen, the machine's RPM and vibration frequency. We can design and supply all ranges of vibrating screens according to specific capacity and other requirements.

1. Large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.
2. Our high frequency vibrating screen uses cylinder-type eccentric shaft vibration exciter and consistent amplitude vibrator, which is easy to maintain.
3. This vibrating sieve adopts spring steel wire mesh and perforated metal sheet to make sure the long service life.
4. Rubber spring is used by our screening machine, which can make the vibrating smoothly with low noise.

Working Principle
The vibrating screen is equipped with screen box, screen, vibrator, spring damper, undercarriage, and so on. Screen machine is made by high quality steel plate, its side plates, crossbeams, exciter seat are connected by high strength bolt or ring groove rivet. The vibrator is installed on the side plate of screen box, and rotated at a high speed driven by motor through triangle belt, and provided a centrifugal inertial force to vibrate sieve. The materials on the inclined surface of screen will impulse screen box to produce a continuous throwing motion. The materials and screen surface encountered the particles of materials that smaller than screen will through the screen to achieve classification of materials.

Technical Specifications




Screen Mesh





2YK1237 1200x3700 2 4~50 ≤200 10~80 15 960 4~8
3YK1237 1200x3700 3 4~50 ≤200 10~80 15 960 4~8
2YK1548 4800x1500 2 3~100 ≤400 30~275 15 870 5~9
3YK1548 4800x1500 3 3~100 ≤400 30~275 15 870 5~9
2YK1848 4800x1800 2 3~100 ≤400 56~330 18.5 870 5~9
3YK1848 4800x1800 3 3~100 ≤400 56~330 18.5 870 5~9
2YK1860 6000x1800 2 3~100 ≤400 65~586 22 870 5~9
3YK1860 6000x1800 3 3~100 ≤400 65~586 22-30 870 5~9
2YK2160 6000x2100 2 3~100 ≤400 81~720 30 730 5~9
3YK2160 6000x2100 3 3~100 ≤400 81~720 30~37 730 5~9
2YK2460 6000x2400 2 3~150 ≤400 100~810 37 770 5~9
3YK2460 6000x2400 3 3~150 ≤400 100~810 37 770 5~9

Note: all technical specification are based on relevant standards, additional requirements can be negotiated upon order placement.

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