Mined lead-zinc ore is first processed by jaw crusher for initial crushing, and after fine crushing to a reasonable degree through by elevator and vibrating feeder evenly sent into ball mill. The ball mill is used for ore crushing and grinding. After ball mill grinding, the fine ore will be sent into next process: classification. Spiral classifier is efficient re-election new equipment for sorting. It follows the principle that different solid particles with different proportion have different sedimentation speed in liquid. The ore mixture is washed and graded. And then the mineral particles are fed into a flotation machine, depending on the mineral characteristics with different drugs, the minerals and other substances to be separated.

Lead and zinc metal because of its special nature, plays an irreplaceable role in the industrial development. It is widely used in the field of electrical industry, machinery industry, military industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, light industry and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, lead metal in the nuclear industry, the oil industry and other sectors have more uses.