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In order to maximize the service lives of our machines and reduce costs for customers, DingBo established its own casting/forging factory for producing replacement parts. By manufacturing our own parts for our mining equipment, we are able to more quickly and effectively help consumers keep their mining machines in working order.

1. Wear Parts
We supply all kinds of wear parts including spare parts for stone crushers and grinding mills. These parts are built for all models with consistency and durability.

2. Crusher and Screen Spare Parts
Crusher parts are designed with high strength and durability features that are heat treated and manufactured with stable chemical composition to greatly extend the working life of the machine.

3. Sand Making Equipment Spare Parts
DingBo Sand making machines use alloy parts instead of traditional manganese steel casting parts. This greatly improves the wear resistance and sand crushing capability. Sand making can be improved more than 30%.

4. Grinding Mill Equipment Spare Parts
The required features of milling machine accessories are high hardness, magnetic properties and a high wear-resistant surface layer formation that can withstand greater impact loads.

Consumable supplies
1. Machines leaving the factory include wear parts, the customer can purchase additional wear parts as well.
2. We guarantee the quality of all machines (excluding wear parts, man-made accidents and natural disasters) for a period of one year.
3. Over the warranty period, we can supply the spare parts according to the normal fee if wear parts are damaged, our customers can enjoy a lifetime of favorable prices, normal delivery times not more than one week (special circumstances can be shipped within three days) and we can communicate directly via e-mail or other mediums.

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