Customers welcome to visit
Here at DingBo, we warmly welcome customers to come visit our factory. We can help you greater understand our equipment by showing you the entire production process for all of our construction and mining equipment.

Custom product design
We can ensure that customers receive the right mining machine, by working with them to perform sampling analyses of local environmental conditions. By seeing the specific work environment, we can design our heavy equipment to handle the conditions that it will be facing in real life application.

Comprehensive after-sales services
After purchasing one of our pieces of mining machinery, we offer free onsite installation and technical training. Once installed, if any problems arise, we will respond and begin solving the issue within 72 hours of notice. We also offer testing and regular equipment checks.

Our on-site operational training can help reduce maintenance frequency, prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the efficiency of the heavy machinery. After training, your operators will have a greater understanding of the equipment structure, working principles and how to perform basic maintenance tasks.

We provide on-site services from performing status checks, to performing redesign services free of charge. We can also perform checks to see if the construction machinery is performing efficiently to reduce waste and minimize environmental damage. We can solve problems such as noise and dust emissions which will help you to save money and the environment.

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